Hey everyone, it’s been over a week since the last update, so I thought about giving you some information what I’m doing at the moment. I’ve just lunched another feature here, a browser detection script should inform you, if your browser is capable to render the snippets correctly.

The browser detection is at an early alpha stage, so please don’t slap me if it does something wrong.

If its not working as it should, a small notice will show up, which looks like this:

Error Notice

Error Notice in Safari for the iOS Add Button

CSS3 Gradients changed in Safari

Just a small notice for you and big changes for this site.
The Safari developers dropped their complicate syntax for gradients and now use the ‘standard’ syntax of the W3C and Mozilla.

background: -webkit-gradient(linear, left top, right top, from(#000), to(#fff));
background: -webkit-linear-gradient(0deg, #000, #fff);

Looks like I have to fix all my demos again.

Hello world!

This is my new Project imgLess (pronounced: “Image less”)!

A CSS(3) snippet library for everything you might need. I started this project to promote the usage of CSS3 and the reduced requirements of images in modern webdesign.

This site will work best in (A) browsers like Firefox, Safari or Googles spybot Chrome.
Opera is still weak when it comes to CSS3 gradients, so they won’t work with it, sorry for that. We don’t talk about IE here…

In most demos I use the vendor prefixes for the CSS3 attributes, such as -moz- for Gecko, -ms- for Trident, -o- for Presto and -webkit- for Webkit. Maybe in some betas Opera and the Internet Explorer will use these prefixes and the demos will work in them too.